PlanEater is the ultimate meal planning app for Android!

PlanEater is still under construction, and will soon enter closed beta.

Privacy Policy

PlanEater processes and stores the following kind of information:

  • Your email address
  • Your device name (Bluetooth name)
  • Any data you type in to the PlanEater app, for example
    • meals
    • recipes
    • groceries

All information is stored locally on your device.

If you chose to use the online synchronization account functionality, PlanEater will also send all information you enter to the PlanEater server, which are hosted on a private cloud solution in the EU. Anyone you invite to join your online synchronization account will also receive the data, and anything they enter will be accessible by you.

Information you enter to PlanEater will NOT be shared with 3rd parties of any kind.

You can opt out of or delete your online synchronization account at any time from within the PlanEater app.