🚧 PlanEater is still under construction, and is currently in closed beta 🚧

PlanEater is an app to help you and your family plan meals. That is; what do you plan to eat for dinner for the next couple of days.

Simplicity is the most important design goal. The app looks a little like Google Calendar, and the navigation controls are similar; for example, swipe left/right to navigate.

The user interface is on purpose rather boring. This is not intended as a bells-and-whistles fancy app, but rather something small, clean, simple and efficient.

Despite the simplicity, the app allows easy access to things you expect: Swap planned meals from one day to another, select a different meal, etc.

What is PlanEater not?

PlanEater is not a recipe database or an app for sharing recipes with random people on the internet. There are lots and lots of such apps and web-pages for that. So yes; you will have to type in recipes (and their ingredients) yourself. And honestly and realistically; this means there is a chance you’ll cook the recipes you’ve typed in.

There are no plans to support Apple devices.


  • Simple app to plan meals
  • Stores past and future planned meals
  • Stores all previously used meals (recipes) for easy re-use
  • Easy access to swap / replace / delete planned meals
  • Easy access to rename / join recipes
  • Light and Dark theme
  • Share with your family
    • Online synchronization using a custom backend service hosted in the EU
    • Signup within the app – only needs an email address
    • No password required – PlanEater sends you a single-use ‘magic code’ (confirmation code)
    • Invite family members to join your account for real-time sharing of planned meals and recipes
  • Widget for the Home Screen on your device
  • Languages (translations)
    • English
    • Danish
  • A modern, clean code-base using state-of-the-art technologies from Google, for example Kotlin and Jetpack Compose

Future Features

I’m not going to commit to any specific date for for the features listed here, but the internal design and database of PlanEater has been built and prepared to support additional features:

  • Translations to German, Spanish, French
  • Recipes with Ingredients (so you can add what items you need to cook some dish)
  • Meal types; i.e. dinner, lunch, side-dish, etc.
  • Shopping Lists (semi-automatically built from Ingredients in the Recipes)
  • Automatically suggest meals for unplanned days
  • Automatically fill shopping list based on planned meals
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Recipe and Ingredient importer
  • Web-based frontend, usable from a browser
  • … and possibly much more …

Privacy Policy

PlanEater processes and stores the following kind of information:

  • Your email address
  • Your device name (Bluetooth name)
  • Any data you type in to the PlanEater app, for example
    • meals
    • recipes
    • groceries
  • Google AdMob ID (for banner ads)

All information is stored locally on your device.

If you chose to use the online synchronization account functionality, PlanEater will also send all information you enter to the PlanEater server, which is hosted on a private cloud solution in the EU. Anyone you invite to join your online synchronization account will also receive the data, and anything they enter will be accessible by you.

Information you add to PlanEater will NOT be shared with 3rd parties of any kind.

You can opt out of or delete your online synchronization account at any time from within the PlanEater app. If you no longer have the app installed and would like your data deleted, send an email to and I will take care of it.